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The History of the Town & Country

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In 1956, Ralph “Navy” Labnon purchased the Androscoggin Valley Country Club House from the Brown Company. This property had formerly been known as the Hitchcock Farm. The clubhouse for the golf course at that time consisted of seven rooms, three baths, and six dining tables. In December of 1956, the small facility would begin operations under the name of the Country Club Inn with 11 hotel rooms, only one of which had a private bath, and an expanded dining room as well as a minuscule lounge. As the law at that time stated that a hotel needed 12 rooms in order to be granted a liquor license, one room was added to meet the state requirements. Several years later, the name was changed to the Country Inn, and then it finally became incorporated as the Town & Country Inn and Resort. Today, the Inn boasts 160 rooms, a dining room seating 180 guests, four banquet rooms which can accommodate over 500 people, a lounge featuring live entertainment on weekends, an indoor heated pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, and a full health club facility.

Now, let’s take a step back in time. In 1964, a building separate from the main house was erected, providing 24 additional rooms. In 1968, an addition to the main building introduced two function rooms, the Shelburne Room as well as the Lamplight Room, each seating approximately 200 people. At the same time, construction of yet another 24 unit motel was completed.

A major event in the history of the business was the devastating fire that occurred on December 30, 1973. The main building, housing the kitchen, dining room, banquet rooms, lounge, and twelve motel units was totally destroyed. The family faced the New Year with a tremendous loss, but with firm determination to rebuild the Inn. Within thirty days, all the debris had been removed and construction of the new building was underway. Late in June, the major rebuilding project was complete and the Town and Country reopened.

Expansions continued, and in 1977, a 16-unit motel was built, offering deluxe rooms and suites. In 1979, 24 rooms and an indoor heated pool were added to the property. Between 1980 and 1983, another 72 units were added. To appeal to more health-conscious guests, a full health club was completed in 1988. The hotel was now taking shape as the well-known Town & Country Inn and Resort.

The hotel has had many famous guests who have all enjoyed the hospitality know as “TLC”, Tender Labnon Care. Political guests have included President & Mrs. Ronald Reagan, President & Mrs. Richard Nixon, Senator Robert Dole, Mrs. Elizabeth Dole, Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., Pierre Salinger and Senator Ted Kennedy, to name a few. Each political campaign brings a new wave of politicians seeking the support of New Hampshire voters. The list of presidential hopefuls includes every president since Richard Nixon. Among the many other celebrities who have enjoyed the fine amenities offered at the Town & Country are Kurt Russell, Derek Sanderson, Bobby Orr, Leonard Nimoy, Melvin Belli, and Julia Child.

Whether your visit is for golfing, hiking, skiing, sightseeing in the White Mountains, or merely relaxing, you will be treated with great hospitality by the Labnon family and the superb staff of the Town & Country Inn and Resort.

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